6 hacks to increase your job profile visibility during COVID-19

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5 min readSep 25, 2020


Are you a fresh grad, mid-career professional or freelancer looking to build your career and for networking opportunities? If you are, then read on — we have several career hacks lined up specially to help you during COVID-19!

By now, most of us would have had to make some form of adjustments to our daily lives as a result of COVID-19 — that one unexpected event that came out of nowhere, crushing people’s holiday plans and killing off businesses. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. While some industries are permanently damaged, others remain unaffected and are even growing. These are in industries such as e-commerce, healthcare and technology (that’s us)!

With COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures in place, it has become far more difficult (or near impossible) to hold physical events such as career fairs and seminars and thus, mingle with other professionals and potential employers. However, technology has offered a work around to that in the form of virtual career fairs and online webinars. Even remote internships have become more common. Employers are also increasingly turning to technology to hire prospective employees during COVID-19. Forget face-to-face interviews — video and virtual interviews are now the norm (ever heard of Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts?)

While we are unable to do anything about the pandemic, what we can do is to adapt to it. For example, COVID-19 may have forced organisers to cancel events and conferences, but that should not stop us from networking — albeit through an online channel. So, what can you do to boost your career in this difficult situation and stand out in the digital space?

Below we have summarized the top 6 most useful tips for you on what you can do to increase your visibility during this pandemic:

1. Attend online webinars

This might sound a bit obvious, but attending online webinars will boost your knowledge and skills. It will also be good experience for you to practise your networking skills with other like-minded professionals. You might even be talent-spotted at these webinars when you raise good questions to the speakers!

2. Reach out to people

It’s common for job seekers to just sit and wait after sending off an application, but in this pandemic situation where many companies are not hiring, it becomes even more important to follow up with hirers to ensure that they remember you. You should also reach out to connections within your network — they might have more time to respond to you now.

3. Update your skills

We all know that one friend who always complains that they are too busy to take a professional course to deepen their skills. But with more people staying home during COVID-19, they have no more excuse with the extra time on their hands. Furthermore, there are many online courses going at discounted rates or even for free on the online learning platforms like Coursera so having some accredited certifications on your profile is sure to catch the eye of recruiters.

4. Attend virtual career fairs

Career fairs have recently gone virtual in the light of COVID-19. While it may be disappointing not to have that same face-to-face interaction, going virtual also means that candidates can visit the fair at their own time, making it so much more convenient. Such fairs also usually have the option to leave your resume at participating companies’ booths.

5. Join online networking sessions

Now’s not the time to be shy — if you want to stay visible to potential employers, you should put yourself out there as much as possible (in the online space, of course!). And that means attending as many online networking sessions as you can. Who knows — the next person that you talk to could be a HR recruiter or someone who can recommend you to their company. If you are uncomfortable going alone, grab a friend to go with you.

6. Create a video profile on Haloed professional networking platform

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform where you could showcase your personal branding via videos instead of a piece of paper and build contacts with like-minded professionals? That’s where we come in with Haloed, a free video-based professional networking and recruiting platform that helps you to find and connect with other professionals easily as well as apply for jobs and participate in first round video interviews with your application.

In this period of COVID-19 where face-to-face meetings and networking are not encouraged, Haloed can provide a safe and professional space for interacting and networking. You can get to know other members via their short videos and start a conversation within a private chat. For example, if you are a recruiter, you can post your open job positions in Haloed for free in the “Jobs” or “Gigs” channels, search candidate profiles with keywords and chat with them directly within the app. On the other hand, if you are hosting a webinar and want to promote it to your desired audience, choose the “Events” channel. It’s that simple! With Haloed, the possibilities are endless — whether you are looking for a platform for self-promotion, events, or even business collaboration, Haloed has got it all and much more!

Embark on your professional journey with Haloed now! Find out more about Haloed and join us as an early user today: https://haloedapp.com/

So there you have it! Having to network and make the switch to online in this current climate can be depressing. But it doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you can boost your career visibility in no time! Let us know what you think in comments.

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