It has been 3 months since we entered 2021 and COVID-19 shows no signs of subsiding anytime soon. Based on the first quarter alone, many sectors still have yet to recover, with the travel industry remaining the hardest hit. However, there is a silver lining. While COVID-19 has upended many industries, it has also accelerated digitalisation, enabled exponential increase in the use of some of technologies and boosted innovation. We believe that the following 5 tech trends will continue trending this year and are worth taking note of.

Many of us have probably experienced this before: you are searching for a job, sending out resumes and applying for countless positions with no replies from companies or recruiters. Finally, you do get a reply — but just as you are about to celebrate, you see the request to complete a video assessment. You start to panic because you have no experience recording videos for career purposes. However, assessments like these are just one of the many examples where videos are becoming more common in job search and career-building.

In this blog post, we will let you in on why…

Are you a fresh grad, mid-career professional or freelancer looking to build your career and for networking opportunities? If you are, then read on — we have several career hacks lined up specially to help you during COVID-19!

By now, most of us would have had to make some form of adjustments to our daily lives as a result of COVID-19 — that one unexpected event that came out of nowhere, crushing people’s holiday plans and killing off businesses. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. While some industries are permanently damaged, others remain unaffected and are even growing. …

As 2018 ends, the Internet has become swarmed with articles about technology trends for 2019. But how do these trends impact us as consumers? We’ve narrowed down the top 5 trends in our opinion.

1. Empathic Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a burning hot topic that just keeps getting hotter every passing day. Analysts from Gartner have predicted that within the next few years, almost every new software will have some form of AI embedded inside.

2019 is likely to be a big year (again) for AI. We can expect better personalized experiences, increased relevance and recommendations of content within your mobile applications…

This time, we decided to approach a topic close to our heart. Truffle Technologies is still in its early stages of existence, so we can hardly claim to have an established company culture of any sort. Nevertheless, this also means that we have a good opportunity to shape something uniquely ours.

Despite not having cemented ways of working and a fixed perspective to looking at the surrounding world, there are, however, several values we hold dear. These values guide our decision-making and essentially reflect how we think and act as members of our work environment. …

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Augmented reality (including mixed/hybrid reality which we bundle under AR in this post) is without a doubt one of the most interesting technologies out there at the moment. Sure there is a lot of (un-necessary) hype around AR, and yes there are still many limitations in the technology that pose obstacles to a broader adoption. For example, using mobile device based AR applications, such as games, during a sunny day is not fun at all, and existing AR/VR headsets are way too bulky. Furthermore, the digital objects within AR experiences are often unstable, and quite unrealistic. …

Truffle Technologies

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